When considering the best way to market your onions, we should first embrace more ways to use this wonderful commodity. We are consuming slightly more onions than we were 10 years ago; the per capita consumption has raised to about 20 pounds. 

Red onions are becoming more popular and sweet onions are the mainstream staple. Yellow cooking onions are still the number one choice because so many recipes call for them. Yellow onions account for roughly 85% of the market, reds are approaching 10%, and white onions come in last at 5% of sales.

Onion Placement

Research shows anyone purchasing a sweet onion is 5.6 times more likely to have peppers in their basket, as well. The other items likely to be purchased along with the sweet onion are celery, mushrooms, squash, herbs/spices, or carrots. Also, placing sweet onions close to the salad ingredients shows increased sales. Another location that will produce increased sales is with the condiments and grilling meats to produce an easy meal solution. 

Tell Your Story

Promoting the story behind the onions will produce results. Let the customers know what variety the onion is so they become educated on how to use certain varieties. Use signage to identify variety, flavor, and what use would be best. Consumers want to know who, what, when, and where their food comes from. Capitalize on this! Consumer love knowing their onions are grown locally.

Packaging Onions

markting onions - scallions or green onions

Packaging of onions can increase sales also. Consider 3-5 lb bags of cooking onions, especially at the start of the month when consumers with money for the new month often use this as their stock-up shopping trip. Consumers can be confident that the onions will store for an entire month. Consider using one of our onion mesh nettings and selling four or five onions already prepared for hanging in their garage or ventilated area. You can also sell onions in 5, 10, 25, or 50 lbs storage bags

Bundling green onions early in the season is an easy way to keep onions for sale all season long, even before your bulb onions come off. This makes it easy for the consumer to grab a bunch and go.

Unique Products

Consider offering a unique onion product such as shallotsleeks, or Red Torpedo Tropea onions. Consumers often look for eye catching products that may be a conversation piece. 

As farmers’ markets increase throughout the country, growers should continue to look for new ways to market their produce. Be creative with how you display and market your onions! Farmers’ markets are a great place to show off the story behind your onions and build a great customer base.

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