Too much rain

Mancozeb Fungicide with Zinc.

Our friends in the southeast have received quite a bit of rain lately. We recommend protecting your onions with a fungicide such as Mancozeb Fungicide with Zinc. This will keep them strong, healthy, and disease free during the damp, dreary weather conditions. If it’s been cold on top of the rain, keep in mind that your onions may require a few more days to harvest because they have not been acquiring those heat units while it’s cold, wet, and rainy. 

Freezing Temperatures

The northeast is freezing with heavy snow on the ground. This could delay planting for some by a week or two. If you receive your onions and are still too cold to plant, open the box, remove the rubber band, and keep them cool and dry until you can plant. The plants can live off of the bulb for up to 3-4 weeks. Plant once your soil temperature has increased a bit.

If you would like to delay your shipment, contact our office at (830) 876-2430 or email so that we can help accommodate. 

Keep your plants cool and dry until you can plant

keeping onions cool and dry
1. Cut rubber band                         2. Spread plants out.

Warmer Temperatures

We have seen some orders for the northwest move their ship dates forward because it is a bit warmer than usual. Keep in mind that these long day onion varieties still require 14-16 hours of daylength. Planting earlier will increase days to harvest in this situation as that plant will still need to acquire the same amount of heat units, but will need to wait on those longer days to do so. Planting earlier has its pros and cons. You could get one more leaf which means one more ring and a bigger bulb. But, the onion will reach the 7th leaf stage earlier (up to 2 weeks or so) and could increase the risk for bolting. 

As farmers and gardeners, Mother Nature is always keeping us on our toes. If you have further questions about your specific weather situation, give us a call at (830) 876-2430 or email