One of the keys to successful onion growing is planting varieties that are suitable for your geographic area. Onions are bred for each growing area based on daylength, or the number of hours of daylight needed for maturity. The country is divided into three basic daylength types that are shown on the map below. 

Best Onion Varieties for Your Area

The number of hours of daylight triggers the onion bulbing process as follows:  

Short Day:

Onions start bulbing when daylength reaches 10-12 hours.

Intermediate Day: 

Onions start bulbing when daylength reaches 12-14 hours.

Long Day: 

Onions start bulbing when daylength reaches 14-16 hours.

Basically, the northern latitudes have longer periods of daylight, with longer days than nights, while the southern U.S. has days and nights of roughly equal length. 

Take a look at our variety chart, which lists onions by daylength, and includes features such as size, storage potential, and days to harvest.  

Your Top Choices and Favorites

dixondale farms red onions

This year, we will offer all the standard favorites and top customer choices, including Texas Legend, Red Creole, and Southern Belle Red for Short Day areas; Super Star, Candy, and Red Candy Apple for Intermediate Day areas; and Walla Walla, Copra, and Ailsa Craig for Long Day areas.

To see all of the delicious varieties available and to place your orders, visit our Web site. You may also contact Customer Service at 877-367-1015. We look forward to another fabulous season of growing with you!